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MPM DEWs and their Effect on Electronic Targets

By Mr. John Tatum | July 28, 2017

MPM DEWs and their Effect on Electronic Targets   (Related Link)
Directed-energy weapons (DEWs) show great promise for the U.S. Warfighter in that they are a speed-of-light, all-weather weapon that can generate a relatively unlimited number of low-cost shots and produce scalable target effects that range from temporary to permanent depending upon the target and the separation distance (range). There are three main types of DEWs: high-energy laser, high-energy particle beam, and high-power radio frequency (RF)/microwave (HPM) weapons. This article provides a basic introduction to HPM DEWs and their effects on electronic targets, including why HPM DEWs are important to the Warfighter and how they are like and unlike traditional electronic warfare/electronic attack (EW/EA) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. Also discussed is how HPM energy couples into an electronic target and produces effects that range from temporary upset to permanent damage. Finally, ways to estimate/measure HPM effect levels on systems as well as to harden a system to mitigate the effects are presented.