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AF showcases game-changing technologies at DOD Lab Day May 19, 2017 — Scientists and engineers from the Air Force Research Laboratory presented 16 technology research projects in various stages of maturity during the second biennial Department of Defense Lab Day May 18, MORE

Non-Lethal Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict: Minimizing Civilian Casualties on the Battlefield December 15, 2016 — There have been tens of thousands of civilian casualties in the post-September 11th, 2003 invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these deaths have been a result of enemy action,2 but despite exercising reasonable precautions, and with a command focus on reducing civilian casualties,3 civilian deaths have occurred as a direct result of U.S. combat operations. MORE

Command and General Staff Officers Course students conduct non-lethal weapons familiarization April 27, 2016 — Students from the Command and General Staff Officers Course participated in a non-lethal weapons range at the Lansing Correctional Facility Range on April 14. The range experience with administrative MORE

Non-lethal weapons capability demonstrated on MacDill Air Force Base February 3, 2016 — The Department of Defense (DoD) Non-Lethal Weapons Program has developed technology capable of supporting the operational needs of the U.S. Armed Forces without harming non-combatants and limiting MORE

Non-lethal elective course enrollment rising; Courses’ Range Day remains highlight May 21, 2015 — The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program uses a variety of educational programs to promote increased understanding of non-lethal weapons and technologies. These efforts and others are MORE

Evaluating Non-Lethal Weapons for military operations at Army War College April 30, 2015 — You’d be hard-pressed to find an ‘old school’ lecture approach to elective education here. After oral comprehensive exams formally close out the core courses, students select the elective courses MORE

Air War College class demonstrates the use of non-lethal weapons November 3, 2014 — MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. – Air War College's Non-lethal Weapons and Effects elective class demonstrated the use of non-lethal weapons to its students at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, Oct. 16, MORE

The DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Program launches new non-lethal weapons online course August 24, 2012 — QUANTICO, Va. – The DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Program has launched a new, non-lethal weapons online course for U.S. operating forces, Aug. 24. Located on the U.S. Navy's eLearning site, the course MORE

III Marine Expeditionary Force / Marine Corps Installations Pacific May 26, 2011 — OKINAWA, Japan – Marines and sailors with Special Operations Training Group and Military Police Support Company, III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group, III MEF, participated in sustainment MORE

Free non-lethal weapons course for U.S. military members September 28, 2007 — PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. – A new course has been developed for all U.S. servicemembers looking to expand their knowledge on non- lethal weapons handling.Penn State's Applied Research Lab and the Center for MORE