FACTSHEET | June 5, 2019

Size, Weight, Power, Cost, and Cooling (SWaPC2)


Size, Weight, Power, Cost and Cooling (SwaP-C2)

SWaP-Cimprovements for Directed Energy (DE) Intermediate Force Capabilities (IFC) and any other DE systems that significantly improve:

  • Antenna performance
  • Auxiliary Systems Cooling Capacity
  • Power generation and storage
  • Micro-Miniature Integrate Circuit solid State chip (MMIC) performance, cost and endurance improvements

Intent: Deliver performance at the speed of relevance by focusing on projects that leverage:

  • DOD RDT&E enterprise
  • Civilian Industry Partners
  • University and educational laboratories
  • International programs

Significant SWaP-Cimprovements will allow continuous adaptation and frequent modular upgrades, resulting in Intermediate Force DE systems that are:

  • Lighter, smaller and more compact
  • More efficient in generation, storage and consumption of energy
  • Significantly inexpensive to produce, support and retire
  • More efficient heat management to reduce energy consumption, and prolong overall system lifetimes