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Directed Energy: Sound and Light Technology

July 13, 2018 PRINT | E-MAIL

Hail, Warn and Communicate

Sound and Light (S&L) Directed Energy (DE) Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) systems integrate various independent technologies such as:

• dazzling lasers

• high-intensity lights

• acoustics

• operating interface systems

into ergonomic and effective system-of – systems elements that hail, warn, move, disrupt and suppress individuals with very low risk of significant injury.


Enable commanders to control or de-escalate a situation using NLW to hail, warn, dazzle and/or communicate. The Program’s S&L portfolio supports

National Defense Strategy objectives, including:

• Defending the Homeland

• Deterring aggression

• Defending U.S. interests below

armed conflict

• Full-scale war


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