FACTSHEET | Aug. 30, 2021

Directed Energy: Sound and Light Technology


Directed Energy:

Sound and Light Technology

Sound and Light Directed Energy Intermediate Force Capabilities (IFC) integrate various independent technologies such as:

  • Dazzling Lasers
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Acoustics
  • Operating Interface Systems

into ergonomic and effective system of systems elements that hail, warn, move, disrupt and suppress individuals with very low risk of significant injury.

Operational Impact: 

Enable commanders to control or de-escalate a situation using IFCsto hail, warn, dazzle and/or communicate. The Program Sound and Light portfolio supports National Defense Strategy objectives,including:

  • Defending the Homeland
  • Deterring Aggresssoin
  • Defending U.S. interests below armed conflict
  • Full Scale War

Why IFC? 

IFC complement lethal force by giving service members engaged in ground, maritime and air operations more options and decision space. They are a force multiplier that enhances the Joint Force's adaptability to support strategic objectives, which include minimizing civilian casualties.