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661st MP’s MACH, Taser and OC Spray Training

By Army Sgt. Priscilla Desormeaux, Virgin Islands National Guard Virgin Islands National Guard


The objective of this training was to teach how to take down and control a subject by taking physical control of a subject’s body along with invasive non-lethal tools such as a baton, taser or oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray. The members of the 661st Military Police Law and Order Detachment that took part in this training were also required to complete a obstacle course to become certified. As part of the obstacle course, each student was tased and OC sprayed. A mandatory part of the course, it was also the most painful part.

“The pain, it was horrible,” said Pvt. 1st Class Takara Rodriguez. “But I got through it, remembered and replayed the movements we learned to make it easier to complete the course under pressure.”

As the soldiers went through the obstacle course portion of the training they were required to use Mechanical Control Holds (MACH) to apprehend a subject safely. The soldiers were encouraged on by their peers who had all taken the course and become certified previously. The course was also meant to prepare the soldiers for real world situations where they may need to use these skills.

“As an MP you’ve got to know your weapons and weapons systems,” said 2LT. Charles Moorehead. “The OC especially, it’s painful and you’ve got to know what it does to someone when you use it on them. We train with it so our soldiers know what it feels like if they happen to be sprayed or get any on themselves while spraying a subject, so they can fight through the pain and still apprehend that subject safely.”

The 661st Military Police Law and Order Detachment will conclude annual training July 2, 2018.