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PATRIOT North Offers Security Forces Airmen State-of-the-Art Training

By Senior Airman Christina Allen


U.S. Air National Guard Security Forces members from various units took part in training on the PRISim (Professional Range Instruction Simulator) during Patriot North 18 at Volk Field on July 15, 2018.


 Security Forces members from the 105th and 109th Airlift Wings, New York Air National Guard, the 174th Attack Wing, NYANG, the 116th Air Control Wing, Georgia Air National Guard, and Wisconsin State Patrol utilized PRISim, a judgment evaluation and force option training system that creates a safe, effective and realistic learning environment for military, law enforcement and security professionals.


“PRISim helps Airmen with use-of-force training and can also help them with range qualification,” said Chief Master Sgt. Kevin S. Reinhardt, security forces manager for the 174th Attack Wing, NYANG. “It’s great to have the instructors here teaching us the system and giving feedback throughout the exercise.”


The system provides consistent training and learning objectives for each trainee and allows for the integration of a presentation viewer for briefing and debriefing to support the evaluation and review of the participants training performance.


“This system is an update from the F.A.T.S. (Fire Arms Training System), that security forces previously used,” said Staff Sgt. Justin D. Goerss, a security forces member with the 174th AW. “PRISim is very responsive and the instructors offer great feedback.”


The system supports a broad range of standard issue firearms and less-lethal options. It can also support multiple shooters and multiple laser devices simultaneously allowing Airmen to work together through a variety of threatening scenarios.


“PRISim is a use-of-force training system that supports less-than-lethal force options,” said Brooks Davis, business development manager with Cubic Global Defense, developers of PRISim. “Some less-than-lethal force options include tasers and OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Spray.”


The software allows for numerous situations with full range of force options allowing trainees to use their judgment and decide how much force is appropriate for a given situation.


“PRISim will provide the Air National Guard with 500 branch scenarios including active shooter threats, environmental and workplace accidents,” said Davis. “The system also provides the ANG with the capability to create custom scenarios specific to their needs.”


This system will be implemented at many Air National Guard units across the U.S. to help Airmen deal with indecisiveness, sudden fear and response time. All of these factors will familiarize Airmen with possible experiences in different situations and condition the trainee for survival.


“The ANG procured 95 of the PRISim portable military trainers to place at Air National Guard sites in the U.S. including Guam,” said Davis. “PRISim will allow security forces Airmen to prepare for real life situations, enhance readiness and give them an overall training experience.”