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New Vehicle Stopper Trials Underway at Tinker Air Force Base

By Mr. Jamal Beck Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate


When activated, PEVS can slow or arrest a vehicle’s momentum, allowing base defenders to better determine the intent of vehicle drivers before using lethal force by expanding decision time and space.

 This novel prototype helps the Joint Force meet National Defense Strategy objectives with practical perimeter security tools that also minimize civilian casualties and collateral damage.

“Ongoing assessments of the prototype will influence the design of a more suitable and reliable solution for force-protection missions and a smaller and lighter model for force-application missions,” said Josh Pompeii, PEVS project manager.

 Upon completion of the pilot program, there is a possibility for further demonstrations and adoption Air Force-wide.

 Non-lethal counter-materiel capabilities like PEVS prevent unauthorized entry while protecting servicemembers, vehicle occupants, and critical infrastructure by stopping vehicles at long standoff ranges using safe, less expensive, and relatively reversible effects.

 The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program (NLWP)–comprised of Joint and Service programs–is the DoD’s proponent to effectively identify, develop, test and evaluate, transition, field, and sustain integrated, relatively reversible, and scalable effects technologies and capabilities.

 The NLWP also develops associated policies, doctrine, concepts, and training to provide timely solutions to current and future requirements across the range of military operations, maximizing mission effectiveness and minimizing risk to U.S. forces, coalition partners, civilians, and critical infrastructure.