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May, 2015

May 21, 2015

Non-lethal elective course enrollment rising; Courses’ Range Day remains highlight

The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program uses a variety of educational programs to promote increased understanding of non-lethal weapons and technologies. These efforts and others are

May 11, 2015

Army uses Hollywood technique to test Soldier-equipment interactions

The Army is using a Vicon-infrared, marker-tracking system to capture performance data of Soldiers using experimental weapons or equipment, John Riedener said.It is the same technique Hollywood uses

May 11, 2015

FAST Marines Participate in Marine Readiness Exercise

Tension runs high as 10 to 15 Marines stand their post at a gate, yelling orders to each other and commands to a simulated crowd. Suddenly, an object is thrown through the air at the Marines, the

May 5, 2015

Flash-Bang Mortars: Nonlethal stun grenades in development could enable troops to counter insurgent attacks without risking civilian casualties

In today’s complex fighting environment, insurgents are known to shoot mortars from inside highly populated civilian areas. U.S. troops are unable to fire back without risking the lives of innocent