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  • The Defense Threat Reduction Agency recently released a sources sought for Access Denial Technologies to Support Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Operations. In the context of this RFI, access denial technologies include the spectrum of lethal and non-lethal capabilities to prevent, delay, deter, isolate, or hinder the movement of WMD related materials, vehicles, and delivery systems contained within the facility to reduce illegal proliferation, control sensitive sites, and/or protect local populations. Non-lethal and/or non-kinetic solutions are strongly desired to address scenarios or areas where non-combatant casualties are a concern. A link to the sources sought is available on the Business Opportunities webpage.

Why Non-Lethal Weapons?

Non-lethal weapons can provide operating forces with escalation-of-force options that can
minimize casualties and collateral damage.

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Active Denial System Controls