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    Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapons and the National Defense Strategy

    Ms. Susan Levine, JNLWD Deputy Director for Policy and Strategy, briefed the relationship of Non-Lethal DE Weapons to the most recent National Defense Strategy at the 2018 Direced Energy 2 DC Exhibition.


    Directed Energy 2 DC Exhibit
    19-23 March 2018

    The Directed Energy to DC Exhibition (DE2DC) is part of the Directed Energy Outreach Campaign, which has been successfully educating decision makers and warfighters on RF and laser directed energy weapon systems and capabilities since January 2009. The DE2DC Exhibition provides an opportunity for government, industry and academia from across the United States to educate and exhibit mature directed energy hardware at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. DEPS is pleased to offer this opportunity for the seventh consecutive year.   

    NLWP DE2DC Flyer

    Advanced Planning Briefs to Industry presented at Modern Day Marine
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661st MP’s MACH, Taser and OC Spray Training
June 21, 2018 - The objective of this training was to teach how to take down and control a subject by taking physical control of a subject’s body along with invasive non-lethal tools such as a baton, taser or oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray. The members of the 661st Military Police Law and Order Detachment that took part in this training were also required to

National Guard provides unimagined opportunities during Platinum Wolf 18
June 19, 2018 - Military service is a tradition in her family, so it was no surprise when Ohio Army National Guard Spc. Cheyanna Porter enlisted in the spring of 2015 and completed basic training during the summer between her junior and senior year of high school. Porter, assigned to the Ohio National Guard's 838th Military Police Company, located in Youngstown,

Alaska Army Guardsmen train in Mongolia to save lives
June 17, 2018 - The typical adult human body contains five liters of blood. Responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing waste on its return trip through miles of arteries, veins and capillaries, blood is life.  Lose too much blood, and a person descends into hypovolemic shock. If more is lost, it can be fatal.  The heavy

Service-Related Non-Lethal Weapons Information

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Why Non-Lethal Weapons?

Non-lethal weapons can provide operating forces with escalation-of-force options that can
minimize casualties and collateral damage.

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Non-Lethal Weapons in NATO and National Concepts