News | Sept. 27, 2022

Japanese Security Guards train with OC spray

By LCpl Jonathon Beauchamp

Okinawa's base installations are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Japanese Security Guards and Provost Marshal’s Office personnel. They have a variety of tools to help with base safety, one of which is oleoresin capsicum spray. OC spray response training is mandated annually while serving in a law enforcement capacity on base.

“OC spray response training is an annual requirement for members of the JSG and PMO because of its backsplash factor,” said Gunnery Sgt. Ian Graichen, a training chief with Provost Marshal’s Office, Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Installations Pacific. “A backsplash is when the spray is shot from the can and splashes back onto the user. This training ensures everyone can maintain proper security and possible apprehension regardless of contamination.”

During the training, members of the JSG were OC sprayed, also known as pepper spray. The JSGs navigated through a course consisting of tactics to subdue a subject, with the assistance of Marines with PMO. OC spray training ensures law enforcement personnel understand the effects of the spray and, if self-contamination occurs, perform effectively in uncomfortable and painful situations.

“This training was organized with Marines to help build a stronger relationship through training between the JSG and PMO personnel,” said Nakahara. “I like training with the Marines because PMO and JSG are the first line of defense for the base, and when we train together, it allows us to work as one unit.”

All law enforcement and guard personnel with proper MCIPAC certification carry this tool to help keep good order and discipline, stability, and security. PMO and JSG's mission is to provide law enforcement, investigative, and security services on base. As a result, their work helps promote policies to ensure base-wide safety for all residents and guests.

“After training, the participants left with a further understanding of the tool they can utilize during calls and a level one exposure certification for OC spray,” said Graichen. “I think this training is important because PMO and the JSG work together daily. Training like this is paramount to further our capabilities and experiences as we protect residents on the base.”