Intermediate Force Capabilities Training

Non-lethal weapons training is vital to their successful operational use.

U.S. Soldier Firing an FN-303 Less Lethal Launching System

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Introduction to Non-Lethal Weapons Course

The Introduction to Non-Lethal Weapons course is a Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program-sponsored online distance learning training that provides instruction and basic knowledge of non-lethal weapons' characteristics, employment, policy and their applications in a wide variety of military operations. The interactive multimedia instruction is designed to familiarize Service members with non-lethal weapons.

The course takes approximately four hours to complete and contains nine modules and an exam. The non-lethal weapons modules include: history; strategic impacts; tactical employment; escalation-of-force; counter-personnel and counter-materiel capabilities; fielded non-lethal weapons, munitions and devices; future non-lethal weapons; and operational vignettes. The course is available to all Service members, as well as Department of Defense civilians and contractors.

The course is hosted on the following websites:

Inter-service Non-lethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course (INWIC)

The Inter-service Non-lethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course (INWIC) is a rigorous two-week course available to certify Department of Defense personnel as non-lethal weapons instructors. The course is conducted both at the training facilities at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, and by mobile training teams. The course focuses on introducing future instructors to non-lethal individual weapon systems and equipment. Topics include force continuum, riot control formations and techniques, expandable baton techniques, oleoresin capsicum aerosol training, crowd dynamics and crowd control, open-hand control techniques and communication skills. Upon graduation, the newly certified instructors become subject matter experts for a unit commander on non-lethal tactics, techniques and procedures. Approximately 10 resident courses are held annually, and more than 400 instructors are certified each year, with demand for the course increasing each year.

More information about INIWIC is available here.


Unified Combatant Commands

Unified Combatant Commands host and participate in exercises with other nations each year. The Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program sponsors Non-Lethal Weapons Unified Combatant Command Liaison Officers to provide non-lethal weapons expertise during planning and execution of these exercises. More information about Unified Combatant Commands and these exercises is available here.

Service-Specific Non-Lethal Weapons Training

Laser System Safety Officer Training (U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy)