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FACTSHEET | Aug. 20, 2020

Pre-Emplaced Electric Vehicle Stopper

When armed, two spring-loaded electrodes extend upward to
deliver a short-duration electrical pulse as they contact the
undercarriage of a passing car, truck, or van. The charge causes its
electronics to malfunction temporarily, stopping the vehicle. The
driver can restart the engine and continue to his/her destination
after security personnel determine that no threat was present.

PEVS complements an installation's robust entry control point (ECP)
measures by providing forces with additional decision time and
space to validate that a perceived hostile intent/act is, in fact, hostile.
Users can engage large and small vehicles at safer standoff ranges
without harming passengers or personnel, mitigating potential
vehicle-borne threats and enhancing force protection. This
capability supports the full spectrum of military objectives inherent
in the National Defense Strategy's framework and across the
competition continuum.